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5 Important E-Tools to be a Corporate Training Ninja

What are the Five important e-tools one must have as a corporate trainer

  1. Slack: We found slack as a very useful collaboration tool as it gives you the ability to messaging to your trainees, customers through the work spaces it offers and the intuitive chat interface. You can even attach your training tutorials videos, external links etc. You can invite your trainees to your work space and the beauty is you get your own work space link. e.g salesforcetraining4u.space.com which you can share while you invite your participants to this collaboration tool.
  2. YouTube: The YouTube as we know is the worlds best video sharing platform. Are you wondering how you can disseminate your knowledge across the globe. Its simple create your training video and upload it to your own YouTube channel. The next step is create a playlists containing specific set of videos and then share the link to everyone who you think your training will be useful. You will start getting inquiries for your trainings. You can even monetize your video content by placing adverts on your YouTube channel
  3. DropboxHere is your cool place where you can store all your training materials. The reason why you may prefer the Dropbox Vs Google drive is it offers you and intuitive interface besides all the regular storage mechanisms like upload, download, share, version etc . You can share the documents among your  training community
  4. Slideshare: Looking for a place where you can find different presentations, pdfs etc uploaded by the knowledge enthusiasts from various domains. You might as well become one of them too and help the community !!!
  5. Zoho CRM/Invoice: Just wondering how to maintain your Corporate Training leads and Convert them into Opportunities?…here is the ZohoCRM for you. It is not only affordable and you will not miss any training opportunity if you use if effectively. Zoho invoice is another useful software to maintain your income, expenses, payments received and your Tax returns can also be integrated seamlessly

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